Excess Inventory Solutions

Connecting Our Buyers to Your Components

Over the years , GSE Technology Limited has worked with hundreds of companies that house thousands of components they no longer wanted or needed, but that others may be interested in. Unfortunately, these companies did not always know how to connect with these potential buyers.

However, our excess management solutions change all of that by connecting companies with buyers who are interested in purchasing their excess or unused inventory.

If you are interested in a quick sale, GSE Technology Limited can help to liquidate your inventory, providing fast money while freeing up your warehouse space.

How can we help?

GSE Technology Limited recovers the value of excess inventory by maximizing your potential return.

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    Inventory lot buys

    Lot buys offer a quick method to move excess inventory off your warehouse shelves and balance sheets. Under this model, GSE Technology Limited purchases your inventory lot outright and can assist with shipping and packaging of your excess inventory. This helps you free up space and cash and also eliminates the need to handle the inventory yourself.

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    Consignment programs

    Consignment offers you an opportunity to free up warehouse space and receive the greatest return on investment for marketable excess inventory. Depending on your preference, the consigned inventory can be stored at GSE Technology Limited's ESD-safe warehouses in Houston, Amsterdam, or Hong Kong. Once the inventory is consigned, GSE Technology Limited will market, resell, and ship the products directly from their stock. The profits will be shared at a percentage agreed upon by both parties.

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    Sale of non-consigned inventory

    GSE Technology Limited’s Non-Consigned Inventory Sales Model allows you to maintain ownership of your inventory and continue daily warehousing responsibilities while your inventory is marketed to GSE Technology’s vast network of potential buyers. Both our consignment and non-consignment solutions benefit from GSE Technology Limited’s aggressive direct-marketing model.

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    Market analysis

    Determining the current market value of excess inventory requires component knowledge and market expertise. Our Commodity Managers, who are experts in supply sources and market values, provide analysis of excess inventory lists to measure resale potential and identify the best strategy for asset recovery. Hybrid programs involving elements of lot buy, consignment, and non-consignment sales programs can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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    Customer matching

    GSE Technology Limited matches buyers and sellers by utilizing longstanding relationships with major electronics OEMs and EMS providers and unrivaled current market knowledge. Our traders upload excess lists into our internal database and market these lists globally using strategies including cross-selling, part-number linking, product-application identification, and industry mapping.