Founded in April 1967, nipac copal Electronics Corp. is a manufacturer specializing in the production of electronic parts. Our aim is to provide high quality and low price products. The company started from the production of trimmer potentiometer, the product is actively used by a large number of users in related industries, thus laying the foundation for the future development of the company. Later, the best-selling of cermet potentiometers made our company develop rapidly, and under the continuous efforts, we have opened up a series of new production lines, including various ranges of motors, encoders, switches and pressure sensors. The company has always adhered to the diversified development of products. In 1983, with the advent of the polyhedral laser scanner, the company's production scope has been extended to the field of optical electromechanical. Polyhedral laser scanner is an essential key part in the photoelectric equipment such as laser printer. The company has been actively promoting the globalization process of products. In 1986, sales agencies were established in California and Europe. It soon established a branch in Singapore. Through the above strategic operation centers in Asia, North America and Europe, the company aims to further expand its service scope. In order to further develop the potential Chinese market and better serve the vast number of Chinese customers, the company established a branch in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in July 2001 - "Xinhua obstetric treasure Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.".