Founded in 2001, Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional integrated circuit design company and a high-tech enterprise recognized by the state. Ruixin micro focuses on the design of mobile Internet and digital multimedia chips, and is a professional SOC solution provider for personal mobile information terminals. Ruixin micro has a number of relatively complete independent innovation intellectual property groups in the field of mobile Internet, making positive efforts for the development of China's electronic industry. At present, the products cover Android Tablet, Android TV set-top box (smart TV), e-book, WiFi / Bluetooth audio solutions, etc. Ruixin micro won the highest honor of China core for five consecutive times. Our customers are well-known at home and abroad, and have become the first brand of China Mobile Internet chip solutions. Ruixin micro is headquartered in Fuzhou for core chip design and R & D, and has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai for the R & D and market business docking platform of Ruixin micro electronics project. Ruixin people and China's integrated circuit industry are advancing rapidly together. They are responsible for the development of national IC design industry with strong perseverance and full enthusiasm. We sincerely welcome young people who are ambitious and willing to accept challenges and pursue a sense of achievement to join us and create a brilliant future for China's integrated circuit design industry!