Micrel company was founded in 1978 and was initially a testing factory. Since 1981, we have our own semiconductor manufacturing plant, which mainly produces customized products and special products for other IC manufacturers. With the development of the company, by 1993, Micrel had the complete CMOS / DMOS / bipolar / NMOS / PMOS process strength, and also had the technical strength of integrating high-speed / high-density digital devices, precision / high-performance simulators and high-voltage high-power devices on a single chip. For example, Micrel's mpd8020asis device, this semi customized intelligent power array device only needs the user to specify the final connection mode between low-voltage analog, logical CMOS array and customized high-voltage PMOS, DMOS power driver to design the user-specific IC device. Micrel has gradually expanded its business scope while strengthening its process and detection technology. At present, it has become a recognized leading supplier of high-performance analog power control and management devices. Micrel, headquartered in California, has its own manufacturing plant.