Ralink Technology Corporation is a leading innovator and developer of wireless LAN chipset solutions. The Ralink 802.11x chip is recognized for its superior throughput, extended range, low power consumption and consistent reliability for Wi Fi, mobile and embedded applications. These feature rich chipsets have high-end chip integration for clients, as well as AP solutions for CB, minipci, PCI, PCIe and USB interfaces, which help customers economically and effectively manufacture smaller and more complex mobile wireless products. Riling technology's patented mimobility? Technology extends Wi Fi applications from traditional PC networks to a variety of digital multimedia and handheld devices. Such as mobile phone, PDA, camera, print server, HDTV and video game player. Through the 802.11n solution, the customers of leiling technology will be able to continuously improve the speed, bandwidth and reliability of the new generation of high-performance Wi Fi. Founded in 2001, riling technology is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, and has a research and development center in Cupertino, California.