We Connect Our Buyers to Your Components
We also will:

Decrease your costs

Simplify and reduce your workload

Consolidate your supplier base

Improve organization flow and process efficiency

Conveniently access key product data

What We Do

GSE Technology Limited offers comprehensive custom solutions to meet your specifications. Our team of experts can help you to overcome the plethora of obstacles affecting your supply chain.

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    GSE Technology Limited’s kitting solutions let you start immediately, with the parts you need tested, sorted, and ready to go. Kits are tailored to your unique requirements and can help ensure quality and standardization even in challenging settings like field locations.

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    Labeling and Barcoding

    Our fully customizable barcoding and labeling services facilitate consistent organizational schema for your production needs. Easily access essential product information – such as manufacturers, part numbers, and quantities – to expedite and streamline your receiving process.

  • 3
    Component Flashing

    We can prepare large volumes of components or equipment with your desired firmware, saving time, money, and effort. GSE Technology Limited provides firmware updates to prepare devices from smartphones and tablets to HDDs and SSDs, or update BIOS on computer components or devices like servers, desktops, and laptops. We help to increase your component performance by optimizing firmware with the latest revisions and therefore save money on potential data recovery in the event of a crisis.

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    Component Recovery

    Discover the true value of your networking equipment beyond just scrapping it. GSE Technology Limited can assist you in recovering the value of your decommissioned servers and other equipment by breaking them down and isolating key commodities. The recovered parts can be tested and/or reconfigured before being returned to you or stocked for future demand. Alternatively, recovered parts can be resold on the open market. With our expertise, you can maximize the value of your decommissioned networking equipment.

  • 5

    Upgrading or reworking equipment can save you time and money by enhancing its marketability or extending its useful life. GSE Technology Limited’s rework services can replace components inside servers or PCs, rebuilding them with new parts based on your requirements.